Why work with Planimol?

Your ambition is to provide veterinary quality product of the highest standard to customers around the world.

Collaborating with Planimol means giving them the opportunity to be part of the megatrend of plant based products which are effective, highly palatable, and 100% natural.

Why plant based products? Because they work as reliable therapies against a wide range of indications and are particularly effective in supporting chronically
ill, geriatric or acute patients, yet rarely have any side effects

Making more animals naturally healthy

Your dedication to providing the highest quality care for pet owners coupled with our mission to provide the best natural supplements to animals all over the world.

A match made in heaven! Join us in realizing a future of globalized animal care and the creation of a better tomorrow.

Sustainability throughout the process

A love of animals goes hand in hand with a love for nature. Thus, our sustainable thinking goes beyond the product - with our packaging consisting of 85% recycled paper.

We make recycling easy! On top of this, all our products are Made in Germany which shows our commitment to high quality and to keeping our supply chain as close
to home as possible.

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